Join Base's Onchain Summer Season 2!

published on 18 June 2024

The highly anticipated Onchain Summer returns for a second season, offering a unique opportunity for developers, creators, and brands to collaborate and shape the future of blockchain technology. Following the success of Season 1, Base and its esteemed partners are once again inviting passionate individuals to participate. Some that celebrated on Base’s mainnet last year were from power brands like Coca-Cola, Blackbird, Zora, FWB, and Parallel.

This Season's Focus: Expanding Onchain Horizons

Season 2 prioritizes fostering a more inclusive environment, welcoming contributions from all skill sets and backgrounds. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a budding content creator, this initiative encourages your unique perspective to further develop the onchain ecosystem. Everyone can be a builder.  Base and its partners are offering over 600 ETH ($2 million) in prizes, grants, and gas credits. This is where you can Submit your project for an opportunity to be featured. Note that and its partners have limited the total payout not to exceed $2M - not bad. This presents an opportunity for participants to also be recognized for their exceptional work.

Sponsored Categories Offer Guidance and Support

Offering direction and spark creativity, several sponsored categories have been established that include payments with Stripe, discovery with Fleek, and creator tools with Zora. Here’s the quick list:

  • PAYMENTS with Stripe: Build easy to use consumer payment experiences.
  • DISCOVERY with Fleek: Develop compelling apps using the Onchain Summer Registry that help people find things to do onchain.
  • CREATOR with Zora: Create new and imaginative ways for onchain creativity to thrive with projects that help people create, discover, curate, and collect.
  • SOCIAL with Farcaster: Bring people together with social experiences that harness the potential of being onchain.
  • GAMING with thirdweb: Build onchain games with a focus on fun and mainstream adoption.
  • COMMERCE with Shopify: Create compelling commerce experiences for merchants with URL<> IRL tie-ins, like affiliate or loyalty programs that come alive onchain.
  • UNPLUGGED with Nouns Make a real world impact by mixing the IRL<>URL, with a focus on community engagement and real-world impact.
  • TRADING with Aerodrome and Synthetix: Develop innovative trading and investing experiences like DeFi primitives with app interoperability.

Fun Projects that kickstarted Onchain summer

Explore the following projects that went live this week to discover what is being publicly built, connect with fellow innovators, fostering a collaborative environment that fosters onchain success.

  • Nouns:

Farcaster Handle:

  • Who wants to see Jesse bald:

Farcaster Handle:

  • Black Bird flight pass /onchainsummer long

Farcaster Hand:


Farcaster Handle:

  • Yoink:

Farcaster Handle:

  • Building for Base and Superchain:

Farcaster Handle:


Surely we missed a whole lot of fun projects. Feel free to tag our account on Warpcast, so we can put your project on spotlight!!!

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