Programmable Direct Casts: The New DMs for Influencers & Brands on Farcaster

updated on 21 May 2024

2 weeks ago, Chinmay (our CEO) wrote this post where he mentioned that DMs (DCs to the Farcaster nerds) are Farcaster’s super power right now. At the time, he thought that it can fire back and become its Achilles heel.


But with the launch of Programmable Direct Casts, Farcaster is definitely converting this achilles heel into a superpower. Here’s Farcaster’s announcement:


Thank you so much to the Farcaster team for acting on this. Now, it’s our time to build something useful on top of it.


🌟🌟🌟 We’re launching the ability for influencers and brands to send direct messages to their degen audience. 🌟🌟🌟 


First of all -- Percs has a no-spam policy

Before anything else, first-things-first. Percs do not tolerate spam or the spammers. Here is our commitment: 

  • Percs will not send any spam DCs,
  • Percs will do everything in their ability to keep the spammers off our platforms,
  • Unless the recipient has opted-in, no DC (/M)s  will be sent.

Coming soon:

  • The recipient will have the ability to unsubscribe quickly,
  • The sender will be able to send personalized messages to each recipient,
  • The sender will see analytics on the sent messages.

Now, what is the big deal?

In the last crypto cycle, brands had to connect with their audience over Discord and Twitter. These are very ineffective ways to reach out to their audience. Email can be an option but degens like to stay anonymous and don’t want to share their emails in most cases. With the launch of programmable direct casts, Farcaster through Warpcast is unlocking a whole new paradigm;

  • Anonymous Messaging Done Right! This feature builds upon our core belief in the value of anonymous messaging. Direct Casts allows brands and influencers to targeted communication without compromising user privacy.

  • Reach a Strong & Active Audience: Farcaster boasts a growing and highly engaged user base with the right demographics, offering a significant pool of potential customers for brands and influencers.

  • Ride the Farcaster Wave!  By launching alongside Farcaster's ongoing growth, brands and influencers can leverage the "Farcaster effect" to amplify reach and impact.

  • Test the Marketing Waters: Direct Casts provides a unique opportunity to brands and influencers to experiment with onchain messaging as a marketing tool, gauging its effectiveness in engaging audiences.

Ready to explore the possibilities of Direct Casts with us? 

We’re heads down getting this feature live. If you want to be on the list of early access and if you have not opted-in yet, please opt-in on this post

If you have special requests, feel free to DM the Percs’ team:  Chinmay, Breno, Jojo or Kay.

Let’s keep building 💪💪

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