On a mission to onboard 1,000,000 brands to Web3🚀

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Our company manifesto

  • Collaboration

    Decentralized networks enable collaboration and co-creation between brands and customers. We unlock shared ownership and innovation through integration across Web3 platforms, encouraging collaborative value creation.
  • Transparency

    We enable brands to build trust and foster loyalty through blockchain-enabled transparency and immutable records of customer interactions.
  • Ownership

    Web3 technology empowers customers to take control of their data, driving real meaningful engagements.

Clients & Partners

🏠 We're all Builders

  • Chinmay
    Chinmay Patel
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Kay
    Kay Chua Ginsburg
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Alex
    Alex McCausland
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Kush
    Kush Patel
    Chief Blockchain Engineer
  • Zad
    Zad Marbella
    Head of Architecture
  • Breno
    Breno Simoes Sperandio
    Head of Growth
  • Springfield
    Springfield Yonga
  • Jojo
    Jojo Vasques
    Community Manager
  • Andrew
    Andrew Michalski
    Product Manager

Do you have a partnership in mind?

Tell us more. Our tech is built to support different types of experiments. We can always tailor it to build something cool for you.

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