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"PERCS understands the cross-section of Web3 and real-world applications very well. Their pace in tying this technology back to consumer engagement using existing eCommerce platforms is impressive. We're thrilled to partner with Chinmay and his team at such an early stage, and it's unsurprising to see the number of established companies trusting or looking to partner with them."

Beth Ferreira, General Partner @ FirstMark Capital

"PERCS has established itself as an early leader in NFT utility, helping established global brands like Anheuser-Busch and emerging metaverse brands like The Hundreds bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Chinmay and his team have a clear vision for the future of Web3 and an impressive ability to execute, and we're thrilled to partner with them on their journey." 

Chris Neumann, General Partner @ Panache Ventures

“Web3 fundamentally impacts the future of content, communities, and assets. As brands and creators look to engage more deeply with their communities, we see utility as a core pillar of their success. We are thrilled to support the PERCS team in their vision to build a future of community engagement powered by blockchain technology.”

Caroline Jacobs, Partner @ UTA.VC (United Talent Agency’s Venture Fund)

"Generally, brands struggle to establish a cohesive Web3 presence, and most fail miserably to provide real value to their communities. PERCS is the ultimate marketplace for global brands to add utility to any NFT collection. PERCS solves the supply side of the Web3 equation, from launching new products to growing community engagement to creating lasting physical and digital experiences."

Mariano Gonzalez, Founder & General Partner @ MGV Capital