Your Guide to Boosting Engagement with Web3 Messaging on Warpcast

updated on 09 July 2024

Direct messaging marketing is a form of 1:1 communication on social media. Each platform has its inbox for handling DMs, allowing for both individual and group messaging. DM marketing leverages this personalized communication to drive deeper engagement and build stronger connections with customers.

Key benefits of DM marketing include:

  • Forging brand loyalty and trust through personalized communication
  • Responding to customer FAQs to streamline the path to purchase
  • Driving two-way conversations between brands and customers

Programmable Direct Casts: The New DMs for Influencers & Brands on Farcaster

2 weeks ago, Chinmay (our CEO) wrote a post where he mentioned that DMs (DCs on Farcaster) are Farcaster’s superpower right now. At the time, he thought that it could backfire and become its Achilles heel.

Thankfully, it's not what happened, and Percs built a solution to use this superpower for brands and influencers.

Percs launched a frame that allows all of your followers to opt-in to receive your messages, and from that, you can message all of this community. 

Before anything else, first things first. Percs do not tolerate spam or spammers. Here is our commitment:

  • Percs will not send any spam DCs.
  • Percs will do everything in their ability to keep spammers off our platforms.
  • No DCs will be sent unless the recipient has opted in.

Coming soon:

  • The recipient will have the ability to unsubscribe quickly.
  • The sender will be able to send personalized messages to each recipient.
  • The sender will see analytics on the sent messages.

Now, what is the big deal?

In the last crypto cycle, brands had to connect with their audience over Discord and Twitter. These are very ineffective ways to reach out to their audience. Email can be an option, but degens like to stay anonymous and don’t want to share their emails in most cases. With the launch of programmable direct casts, Farcaster through Warpcast is unlocking a whole new paradigm:

  • Anonymous Messaging Done Right: This feature builds upon our core belief in the value of anonymous messaging. Direct Casts allow brands and influencers to target communication without compromising user privacy.
  • Reach a Strong & Active Audience: Farcaster boasts a growing and highly engaged user base with the right demographics, offering a significant pool of potential customers for brands and influencers.
  • Ride the Farcaster Wave: By launching alongside Farcaster's ongoing growth, brands and influencers can leverage the "Farcaster effect" to amplify reach and impact.
  • Test the Marketing Waters: Direct Casts provide a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to experiment with on-chain messaging as a marketing tool, gauging its effectiveness in engaging audiences.

Ready to explore the possibilities of Direct Casts with us?

We’re heads down getting this feature live. If you want to be on the list for early access and have not opted in yet, please opt-in on this post.

If you have special requests, feel free to DM the Percs’ team: Chinmay, Breno, Jojo, or Kay.

Let’s keep building 💪💪

How We've Been Using Automated DMs on Farcaster

At Percs, we’ve been using automated DMs to welcome new users to Farcaster, better onboard them, and help them understand how they can use and grow on the platform. This approach ensures that new users feel valued and supported from the moment they join.

Similarly, Perl has been using automated DMs to retain their users. Perl is a prediction game, and whenever users place their choices, they receive messages from the main account updating them on their balance, whether they won or lost. This direct integration between their product, website, and Farcaster account makes users feel more connected to the platform and enhances their overall experience.

How to Tap into DM Marketing in Your Social Media Strategy

Ready to harness the power of DM marketing? Here are five steps to leverage DMs like a pro:

  1. Send Personalized Welcome MessagesCreate automated welcome messages for new followers.Include tips on how to get started and make the most of your platform.
  2. Provide Customer Support via DMsUse DMs to respond to customer inquiries promptly.Automate responses for common questions to ensure 24/7 support.
  3. Share Exclusive Offers and UpdatesSend direct messages with exclusive discounts, early access, or important updates.Personalize these messages to make your audience feel special.
  4. Gather Feedback and InsightsUse DMs to conduct surveys or gather feedback from your audience.Personalize messages to show appreciation for their input.
  5. Engage with Your Audience RegularlyUse DMs to share personalized content based on user preferences and behavior.Maintain regular communication to keep your audience engaged and informed.

By incorporating these strategies and leveraging the unique features of Web3 messaging and Farcaster, you can boost engagement and build stronger connections with your audience. Using Percs, you can enhance your DM marketing efforts and see real results.

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