Case study: The Hundreds Cross-collaborates through ABS

updated on 11 June 2024


Adam Bomb Squad is an NFT project by The Hundreds, consisting of 25,000 unique combinations of bombs and accompanying backgrounds from their two decades of history. Ownership grants you membership cards with perks directly from Adam Bomb Squad's (ABS) community. The Hundreds required a solution to sync reward utility for their NFT collection through their eCommerce store 

The Hundreds Vision Explained

"With The Hundreds, we're vying to be the most prominent fashion label in the Metaverse, which means both Web2 and Web3 to us. We've been intentionally blanketing the NFT timelines for a year now to prove to be the biggest brand inside the screen, you have to be the best outside."

- Bobby Hundreds

The Challenge

As early adopters of blockchain innovation, there was no existing technical solution to scrape the metadata of the unique combinations The Hundreds were looking to apply tokengating for their existing products.  The challenge was to communicate a clear and compelling message to attract the attention of a distinct buyer: web3 audience.  In addition, they were also keen to explore collaborations with partner communities and reward them through shared attributes.

Selling without Web3 Integration

While the existing eCommerce stack of The Hundreds offered a huge variety of brand collaborations and can easily communicate to customers through Discord or email, it was a struggle to directly reward this set of target-audience. The new objective was to create a custom benefit for being part of a subset of the Adam Bomb Squad Community without minimizing the perceived value of the community and The Hundreds' brands as a whole.


Marketing to Web3 Audience

The Hundreds has extensive marketing and sales experience geared for their ideal consumer but felt the level of experience they wanted for the web3 audience was not being satisfied by existing solution providers.  In addition, the target audience is a very niche group of global Web3 influencers and adopters whose attention was difficult to capture and earn. The web3 audience is looking for a unique buying experience, which led The Hundredss to ask Shopify for current partners that can help. 


Solution - Tokengating through Shopify

From our interactions with The Hundreds team, our Builders team designed a unique user experience flow to allow the fulfillment of perks for their custom audience.  

We developed the first ever Shopify integrated NFT Gating App to be installed on The Hundreds’ Shopify store to instantly enable tokengating the ABS community.  The no-code (low-code) application instantly allowed The Hundreds’ Shopify Admin to select specific attributes and be able to load a custom wallet CSV allow list.  Essentially creating that Web2 X Web3 link without the requirement of the marketing team’s deep expertise and experience on the blockchain.  

The video tweet below is the walk-through of the plug-in’s capability upon installation with minimum custom coding required.  The app allowed gating without deviating from The Hundreds’ product fulfillment stack.  CryptoAmigo.eth shares his experience using the PERCS NFT Gating App:


Developing Customizable Brand Assets

The plug-in was a simple and customizable gate that tie the Web3 project with The Hundreds’ logo specific to The Adam Bomb Squad NFT campaign.  The entire solution was written and designed to make Web3 easy set-up custom campaigns.  Campaigns took less than 5 minutes to publish for The Hundreds team to collaborate with Smilesss (8k), DeadFellaz (10k), and Brain Vomits Garden (4k).  The Hundreds’ Web3 campaign interacted, gamified, and extended rewards to other partner communities, automatically doubling its Web3 target audience.


The results of the project are still continuously being measured, The Hundreds has experienced some measurable benefits from the capabilities our application was able to create as a campaign. For example, Their Digital Brand Manager notes:

"The Hundreds were among the first to pioneer NFT verification and gating using Shopify. We started to shop for a way to reward our community in November 2021, and at that time, there were hardly any applications or tools available to make this happen seamlessly. Luckily, we were connected with PERCS, which was already activating utility for NFTs. As trailblazers in the space, our input was instrumental in building out features for this app, and PERCS were able to deliver on them. We love this app and use it often to engage the Adam Bomb Squad community! Great job, guys!."

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