Case study: Nouns Factory and PERCS: Get BEANed! at ETHDenver

updated on 11 June 2024

NounsFactory has teamed up with PERCS, leading to an innovative shift in the Web3 retail scene. By integrating PERCS' Frame solution, Nouns Factory offered unique merchandise, like shirts and stickers, at ETH Denver, showcasing a new way to blend e-commerce with decentralized platforms.

Introducing the PERCS Frame Solution

PERCS' Frame solution revolutionizes the shopping experience on Web3 by embedding Shopify stores directly into Farcaster, allowing customers to shop without leaving the platform. This approach simplifies the purchasing process and keeps users engaged within the Web3 ecosystem. For a deeper dive, check out PERCS Frame Solution.

Spotlight on Nouns Factory's Campaign

Nouns Factory utilized the Frame solution to sell exclusive "Beaned" merchandise directly on Farcaster. This innovative approach allowed users to purchase items effortlessly while engaging with the platform. View the products here and here.


Enhancing User Experience

By integrating shopping directly into Farcaster, as demonstrated here, Nouns Factory improved the shopping experience, making it more interactive and user-friendly. This method strengthens the connection between the brand and its customers by providing a seamless shopping environment.



The partnership between Nouns Factory and GetPercs highlights the evolving nature of Web3 commerce, setting a new benchmark for online retail. As this landscape continues to develop, such collaborations will be crucial in shaping the future of shopping in the decentralized web.

For further information on the potential and mechanics of Farcaster Frames, visit our blogs on Shopify in a Frame and Discovering Farcaster Frames.

Join us as we push the boundaries of e-commerce in the Web3 domain, creating solutions that cater to modern consumer needs while enhancing the digital shopping journey.

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