Mom's the Word: Frame-tastic Mother's Day Marketing Ideas with PERCS!

published on 10 May 2024

Hey there, marketing peeps!  Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show the amazing moms in your audience some ❤️ love ❤️  (Yes, we went all out with the emoji for this one!) I am writing this also a little biased, as I am a mom, and secretly hoping that some awesome specials come out from the bro dominated onchain scene.  So my onchain bros, take some notes for your special lady!!!

This year, ditch the boring old marketing tactics and  ✨ stand out from the crowd ✨ with the power of Frames by PERCS!   PERCS equips you with all the tools you need to create engaging content and skyrocket your sales this Mother's Day.

Here are some  creative Frame ideas to make your marketing  campaigns shine brighter than mom's smile on her special day:

1. ‍‍‍  Family Fun with PERCS Frames!

  • Frame a heartwarming contest: Ask followers to share a pic with their moms using a special Mother's Day Frame. The most heartwarming entry wins a prize!
  • "Show & Tell" Frame: Encourage followers to share their favorite childhood memory with mom using a cute Frame. ️

2.    Spoil Mom with Exclusive Offers!

  • Early Bird PERCS Frame: Tease a limited-time Mother's Day discount with a special Frame. Followers who see it first get the best deals!
  • Gift Guide Frame: Create a Frame showcasing your top Mother's Day gift ideas. Make it easy for them to find the perfect present!

3.    Queen for a Day: Empower Mom-preneurs!

  • "Mom Boss" Frame: Support mom-preneurs (especially those onchain)  by featuring their businesses in special Frames. Let them shine! ✨
  • "Mom Hack" Frame: Encourage moms to share their time-saving tips and life hacks using a Frame. They'll appreciate the support!

4.    Shower Mom with Love (and Discounts)!

  • "Love Note to Mom" Frame: Let followers express their love for mom with a heartfelt Frame. This is sure to warm their hearts!
  • Discount Code Frame: Share a special Mother's Day discount code hidden within a creative Frame. Followers will love the surprise!

5.    Make it a Celebration!

  • "Mom's Day Memories" Frame: Encourage followers to share their favorite Mother's Day traditions using a celebratory Frame.
  • "Festive Fun" Frame: Liven things up with a fun and festive Mother's Day Frame. Let's get this party started!

Remember, PERCS Frames are:

  • Easy to Use: Create stunning Frames in minutes, no design skills needed! ✨
  • Highly Engaging: Interactive Frames grab attention and boost engagement.
  • Perfect for Sales: Drive sales with special offers and discounts embedded in Frames.

**So, what are you waiting for?  Head over to and start creating your winning Mother's Day marketing campaigns with PERCS Frames today!  You won't regret it! **

P.S. Don't forget to share your Frame creations with us on social media using #PERCSFrames and #MothersDayMarketing!  We can't wait to see your amazing ideas!

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