Case study: Luxury Brand 9DCC Sells Products on Farcaster Through a Frame, Powered by PERCS

updated on 11 June 2024

Luxury brand 9DCC, founded by Gmoney, has partnered with PERCS to sell their high-end products directly on Farcaster. This marks a significant step forward in blending luxury retail with Web3 technology.

Introducing the Shopify Frames Integration by PERCS

PERCS has developed a Shopify app that bridges traditional e-commerce with the decentralized world of Farcaster, allowing any Shopify store to display and sell products in a Frame. Learn more about this revolutionary app here.

Explore 9DCC's First Frame on Farcaster

Experience 9DCC's luxury items firsthand through their Farcaster Frame, a direct portal to their exclusive products.


Check the Frame here and discover the convenience of shopping for luxury items in the Web3 space.

Featured Products

Seamless Shopping Experience

This collaboration offers a seamless and straightforward shopping experience. Customers can browse, view, and purchase 9DCC's luxury items with just a few clicks, directly within Farcaster, thanks to the integration powered by PERCS.


The Future of Luxury E-Commerce

The partnership between 9DCC and PERCS is setting new standards for the future of luxury e-commerce, showcasing the potential of Web3 platforms to host direct and efficient retail experiences.

Stay Informed

This initiative is just the beginning. For the latest updates and developments in the world of Web3 e-commerce, keep an eye on our Website, and if you want to take your Store to Farcaster get our app

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