Case study: Exploring the A0K1VERSE: Where Metaverse Meets Reality

updated on 11 June 2024
A0K1VERSE Passport
A0K1VERSE Passport


In a world where the boundaries between digital and physical realms are increasingly blurred, there exists a pioneering ecosystem that transcends these limitations—the A0K1VERSE. Created by the visionary Steve Aoki, this revolutionary space bridges the Metaverse with our tangible world, offering an unprecedented fusion of on-chain and real-life experiences.

At its core, the A0K1VERSE is a vibrant community where individuals, known as Citizens, embark on a journey enriched by a multi-level A0K1VERSE Passport. This passport isn't just a document; it's a gateway to a realm where possibilities are limitless and access to exclusive benefits is a given.

In the A0K1VERSE Citizens redeem Credits for an A0K1VERSE Passport, these have multiple Levels providing various resources as outlined here. The tokengated rewards include discounts on Aoki related merch at the Dim Mak



PERCS provides tokengated order based discounts with its Hub Marketing tool allowing clients to run all of there token campaigns in one place. Dim Mak was able to provide the discount codes to the Shopify code via a csv, which A0K1VERSE used to create the discount campaign in Hub. Using the no code tools in Hub, the UI/UX was able to be customized to match both A0K1VERSE's branding and the passport tier that the connected user was part of.



The campaign went live on 12-05-2023 with the below announcement on X. Moving forward the campaign will be refreshed with new discounts at the start of each month. 


For questions about this campaign, reach out to our builders team via

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