EthCC 2024: Key Highlights from the First Two Days

published on 09 July 2024

Day 1: DeFi Innovations and New Tools

MetaMask Launches Innovative Delegation Tools

EthCC 2024 kicked off with a significant announcement from MetaMask, which introduced new delegation tools designed to enhance user control and security within the DeFi space. These tools empower users to delegate their DeFi operations without relinquishing control of their private keys. This innovation is expected to streamline DeFi activities while maintaining robust security protocols, marking a substantial step forward in user experience and operational efficiency for DeFi enthusiasts.

PancakeSwap's Participation

PancakeSwap, a major player in the decentralized exchange arena, confirmed its active participation in EthCC 2024. The team highlighted their plans to expand their influence within the Ethereum community. Their presence underscores the importance of cross-chain DeFi solutions and their ongoing commitment to deeper integration with Ethereum. PancakeSwap's engagement at EthCC aims to foster collaboration and highlight the potential for synergy between different blockchain ecosystems.

Day 2: Future of DeFi and Web3

Key Talks on DeFi and Web3

The second day of EthCC 2024 was dominated by forward-thinking discussions on the future of DeFi and Web3. Thought leaders and developers from the Ethereum ecosystem delivered insightful talks emphasizing the critical aspects of scalability, interoperability, and user-friendly interfaces. These discussions are vital for driving the next wave of adoption in the decentralized space. The sessions provided a platform for sharing cutting-edge ideas and strategies that could shape the future trajectory of DeFi and Web3 technologies.

Bit Digital Bridging TradFi and DeFi

Bit Digital took center stage with a mixer event focused on bridging the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The event aimed to explore collaborative opportunities between these two sectors, highlighting the potential for institutional investors to venture into the DeFi space. Bit Digital's initiative reflects a growing trend of convergence between traditional financial systems and innovative DeFi solutions, paving the way for more mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies.

Community and Security Concerns

Despite the overall excitement, EthCC 2024 faced some challenges with reports of assaults in Brussels during the event. These incidents have raised concerns about the security measures at large crypto gatherings and the safety of participants. The organizers are addressing these issues to ensure a secure environment for all attendees, emphasizing the need for robust security protocols at such significant events.

General Atmosphere

Bringing Together the Ethereum Community

EthCC 2024 has successfully brought together a vibrant and diverse Ethereum community. The event is praised for fostering collaboration and networking among developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts. The quality of sessions and workshops has been highlighted, contributing to a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. EthCC remains a pivotal gathering for anyone involved in the Ethereum ecosystem, providing a platform for innovation, discussion, and community building.

PERCS Frames: Revolutionizing Social Commerce

Amidst the buzz of EthCC 2024, it's impossible to overlook the groundbreaking developments from PERCS. As EthCC showcases the future of Web3 and DeFi, PERCS is setting new standards in eCommerce with its PERCS Frames integration.

PERCS Frames is live in the Shopify app store, with pioneering brands like 9dcc already showcasing its transformative power. This integration turns every social media post into a shoppable storefront, blending social engagement with eCommerce. PERCS Frames creates a future where online shopping becomes a social experience driven by authentic connections and shared value.

Percs also has other tools such as Hub that are a must for everyone willing to grow on Farcaster either as a brand or as an influencer.

Join the Future of Social Commerce

Shopify merchants can join the pilot program to experience the future of social commerce. By integrating PERCS Frames, brands can leverage social media and Web3 to build engaging communities and boost sales directly within their social media posts.

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