Engaging Beyond Expectations: PERCS Redefines Earnings Calls for Coinbase

updated on 12 June 2024


  • Traditionally, earnings calls are boring updates. That's why, Coinbase teamed up with Percs to make them interactive events for their onchain audience.
  • Coinbase launched their Q1 '24 earnings reports as an NFT on the Base blockchain, and used the NFTs (crypto tokens) to reward people who participated in it.
  • This time, they have used our platform to give NFT holders exclusive discounts on Coinbase merchandise.
  • This is a new way for companies to connect with their investors, convert them into their onchain advoctes, and build a stronger community.
  • This is the blueprint of how public companies will interact with their audience going forward.


Welcome to a transformative shift in the way companies engage with their audiences during financial events. At Percs, we’re always exploring innovative avenues to merge finance and marketing, and our latest partnership with Coinbase marks a monumental step forward. Dive into our journey and discover how we’re not just attending the game but changing the rules entirely.

The Vision:

Forget the conventional approach of using earnings calls as mere updates. Imagine transforming these financial rendezvous into a dynamic platform for audience engagement and brand loyalty. That’s the vision our CEO, Chinmay Patel, has explored with Coinbase. Together, we’re crafting experiences that captivate and engage, turning routine updates into unmissable events.

A New Breed of Collaboration:

Coinbase isn’t just a partner; they’re a powerhouse that resonates with a massive, crypto-savvy audience. Last January 2024, Coinbase minted their Q4 2023 earnings call with $COIN.  That initiative hit a milestone of 500,000+ NFT mints, which is a testament to their influence and reach. To date, it has been the largest NFT initiative by a public brand. Hence, they are repeating this and redefining their earnings call going forward, and then, stepping it up a notch. By aligning with such a titan, we are poised to amplify its innovative strategies and showcase the symbiotic potential of finance and marketing onchain through tokengating.

Breaking the Mold:

While others might add another predictable ad campaign, Coinbase has crafted an audience engagement spectacle. The last Coinbase earnings call is an arena where finance meets festivity, proving that an earnings call can be as engaging as any major social event. Therefore, post Q1 2024 earnings call, Coinbase engaged us to support tokengating of their Coinbase Shop to promote a full out culture shift from online to onchain.  By facilitating exclusive perks for $COIN NFT hodlers, our platform helps Coinbase engage loyal shareholders onchain and spend more on IRL merch from their store.

Unlocking your rewards, check out with the Bitcoin Whitepaper Hoodie.
Unlocking your rewards, check out with the Bitcoin Whitepaper Hoodie.

Beyond Marketing Hype:

This collaboration isn’t just about creating buzz; it’s about setting a new standard for onchain audience interaction. We’re building a campaign that transcends traditional marketing tactics, focusing on genuine engagement that fosters community and conversation. 

Impact and Inspiration:

This case sets a precedent for how creative users of onchain tools can help companies engage stakeholders in a more tactical approach. Previously, public companies did not have a way to engage directly with their shareholders, so Coinbase minted on Base to identify who those sticky shareholders are and to be able to offer rewards to them for self identifying through the NFTs.  The partnership’s approach isn’t merely for show; it’s a blueprint for other brands to reimagine their own strategies. Through creative partnerships and out-of-the-box thinking, routine corporate events can become key opportunities for engagement and brand reinforcement.


As we move forward, PERCS, alongside Coinbase, is not just participating in the evolution of digital marketing; we’re driving it. With each step, we’re inviting our audience to not just witness but be part of this thrilling journey. The future of corporate engagement is here, and it’s more vibrant and inclusive than ever. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities that await.

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